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How to Lose Weight – Tips to Get Slim in 3 to 10 Days

Do you have any trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose your weight faster? Then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready for weight loss without being hungry.

The sad truth is that current ideas given by the dietitians advise to eat less and run more do not work for the long term. As ignoring your hunger is not a solution but waste of your time and willpower. This kind of diet to weight loss does not work for every people i.e. obesity has become an epidemic.

The article, we will let you know information related to:

  • How to Lose Weight in a short period of Time?
  • What are the weight loss tips to lose weight fast?

How to lose weight in a short period of Time?

You can lose weight by decreasing the levels of your fat-storing hormone i.e. insulin. It will make the way easier for you to lose excess weight. 

The weight loss diet plan mentioned here will reduce your appetite significantly:

  • Make you lose weight fast, without being hungry.
  • Improve your metabolic health at the same time.

We have some weight loss tips for you to look thinner, slimmer, and leaner and better immediately. Whether you have 3 days, 7, 10, 14 days, 2 weeks or 1 month, you can use the below tips to look thinner fast. 

Weight Loss Tips

1. Drink Water

Start your day by drinking a glass or two of plain water. It is proved in research that drinking water after waking up in the morning helps jump-start your metabolism and remove toxins from body. Also, if you want a drink then make it with water as then it would be less on calories. Drinking plain water in the morning also helps you in controlling hunger and prevents you from eating unnecessary calories. Switch your drinks into water or green tea and feel the difference within a day or two.

2. Walk after Having Meals

If you are not comfortable with running or exercising then we might have something simpler for you to help you lose weight. Try taking a ten-minute walk after taking your every meal. This can help you burn a few calories instantly and aids in digestion. 

Important Fact: A 5-minute walk taken instantly after each meal can improve daily blood sugar levels to a greater extent as compared to a single 45-minute walk in the morning. Some researchers say that a post-meal excursion helps clear glucose from the bloodstream in part as the more of it is taken up by the muscles. 

3. Eat More Fiber-Rich Food

High-fiber foods are favorable for your health and weight loss. Fiber-rich foods might help you increase the rate of weight loss by helping you to feel fuller after you eat. Most of the people who want to know to about how to reduce weight fast eat only about half of the fiber food they should eat. High fiber-rich food generally includes the more chewing time that gives your body some time to rest when you’re no longer hungry, so it helps you eat less. Also, the high fiber foods contain few calories in the same volume of food. So the best way to add more fiber to your weight loss diet is by starting your day with full fiber-packed breakfast in the form of wheat flakes, oats, and muesli. A person can also include fruit with every meal. You can also start your meal with a bowl of fresh salad. 

Some fiber-rich foods to reduce weight are mentioned in the below table:

Category of Fiber-rich food for weight lossList of High Fiber-rich food for weight loss
Fruits and VegetablesApple, Banana, Oranges, Strawberries, Raspberries, Dark-colored vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, beets and Artichokes, Potatoes and exotic fruits like mango, guava, and persimmon
Dry and Canned FoodsGarbanzo, kidney, lima, or pinto beans, Peas, soybeans (edamame), and lentils
Bread and GrainsCereals, Seven-grain, dark rye, cracked wheat, pumpernickel bread, Bulgur wheat, brown rice, wild rice, and barley
Snack AisleSunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, or almonds and Popcorn

4. Eat Homemade Food

Try to eat homemade food as much as you can. You can also make a diet chart for weight loss and follow it thoroughly. Eating food in a restaurant on an average of four meals a week can increase an average of one meal a day. As most foods that are served in any restaurant contain a very high amount of fat and calories which can be detrimental to your health if consumed on a regular basis. However, if you eat at home and maintain your diet as per your diet plan for weight loss then it will be one of the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. 

5. Eating Less Salt Can Help You Reduce Weight

Go easy on the salty snacks such as namkeen, chips, high sodium pickles, pretzels and processed foods which are high in sodium. Extra salt is added as a preservative in such food items. Salt contains sodium and high sodium foods can cause water retention in the body, which can make you look stuffy/ bloated. For instant weight loss, it is advised to just skip that packet of chips to avoid the extra calories and lose weight easily. 

6. Run More for Weight Loss

Running helps you burn more calories, diminish stress and suppress appetite hormones. If you are used to walking, then you can also add a little bit of jogging in the intervals. Running/jogging helps you burn more calories and tone up faster as compared to walking in the same amount of time. Few types of research confirm that exercises such as running result in “afterburn” which means that a person continues to burn calories for as long as two hours after he/she has stopped running.

7. Add Push-ups/Squats in Weight Loss Plan

Push-up and Squats are one of the most effective exercises to burn a large number of calories. If you don’t have enough time, patience or equipment to exercise then you can just get on the floor with simple push-ups and squats. Push-ups and squats require only 15 minutes of your time and its result will make it look like you have been contributing some serious time sweating in the gym. Both are incredible exercises to burn fat, tonearms and legs in a very short time period.

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